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Time Spent - seize the day

June 13th, 2009 Martin Raske No comments

What is your typical day like? How do you do all you do with elearning learning, elearning technology, techempower, work literacy and all the consulting and still remain profitable while having a LIFE? Ok, so that is more than one question, but hopefully you get the drift. What are your thoughts here?

I think I understand where this question of the month is coming from: Technology needs time. If you try to stay up with the developments in the web 2.0, if you try to implement some of this new ideas to your work environment, if you try to also have some kind of a family life, then it is only a matter of time until this question pops up: How do you do all this in 24 hours?

My typical day is rather traditional:

I get up at 6 am and if I am lucky I'm in the office half past seven - most of the time it's eight. I work until eleven thirty and then go and have lunch with my team - a typical Swiss thing to do: You go out to have lunch. If you need to have lunch at your desk, you are considered to have an issue with organizing your day well enough and you could easily be sent to a personal effectiveness seminare. - At noon or shortly after we are back in the office and I keep working until 6.30 pm. I want to make sure to be back home no later 7.30 pm, so I can have supper with my family. From 8.30 pm on, when the kids are in bed, until midnight, when I go to bed myself, there is still plenty of time to do things - most of the time do my social networking, blogging, twittering etc. etc.

My office days are packed with meetings - face to face, video conferences, telephone conferences, one on one's, phone calls, virtual classrooms. You could argue that a lot of these activities are some kind of social networking - with a given business objective and within the company. However, there are days when I only sit at my desk for 1 or 2 hours. During this time there's no chance for me to blog or network socially. My main working tool still is email. I get between 50 and 100 relevant emails a day. Relevant meaning I have to read them and have to answer most of them - if I find my 10 seconds it needs to send a tweet I'm lucky.

Another reason why most of my web 2.0 activities happen outside the office hours was mentionned by Jenise Cook: IT Security. There are very tight firewalls in our company that would not allow access to many web 2.0 tools. Many websites are blocked off. I always have a private netbook with wireless internet connection sitting at my desk, so I can at least follow some of my favourite websites, blogs and tweets, but it's not at all integrated in my daily routine.

My philosophy is: 24 hours are a given. It's not worth complaining about it beeing too little or too much. It is up to me, what I make with this time:

Carpe diem.