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Podcasts - a quick way to distribute content

September 23rd, 2009 Martin Raske No comments

A quick way? Did I just write this?

I was producing a Podcast during the last three nights and since then I don't think of it as a quick delivery tool any longer. Maybe I was doing it the wrong way: I had a few interviews with different people who were involved in a change project. The project went really well and everybody is excited about the change. So I asked them a few questions about what made the project so successful and they answered. I had 4 hours of recorded material at the end.

Then I went back with my laptop and started cutting the material. My goal was to only use the peoples voices - no additional speakers, no intoduction, no explanations. What those people had to say should be enough, I thought. In order to find the parts of the interview that I could potentially use I had to listen to all of it again - 4 hours. Then I had to cut the stuff and modify some of it (some of the candidates spoke way too low). Then I had to bring it all into an order that made sense, re-shuffle and add some music to make it a bit more interesting. All in all I spent 16 hours - not counting the time for the interview - to get a 10 minutes piece worth sharing with my client.

I wonder, if that's the normal rate for a project like this. To me it felt way too long. I don't think I will ever be able to sell a Podcast as a quick and easy solution to distribute content ever again.

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