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Swiss e-Learning Conference 2011 (#SeLC11)

April 5th, 2011 Martin Raske 2 comments

Formal versus informal learning: A topic that was brought up again under the umbrella topic of "Workplace Learning" at the Swiss e-Learning Conference 2011 in Zurich.

April 5th

The discussion about formal and informal learning seems to motivate professionals so much that they do not consider themselves too good for loopy comments. Professor Dehnbostel, for example, said very excitedly: "If you cook a soup, you are practicing informal learning!" This actually means that every single thing we do - breathing, eating, walking, etc. - is in fact learning. In the final consequence this comes down to the equation life = learning = me, myself and I as training professionals are so incredibly smart and important.

The other quote comes from a tweet I saw about a presentation from Dr. M. Rohs. I hope the quote was not correct: "Informal learning needs a sheltered place." If that's true, then cooking a soup must only happen in sheltered workshops. And I always thought that in the contrary informal learning is informal, because it does happen in real life. Not sheltered. Exposed!

[It turns out that the tweet I was referring to was omitting the most important part of the statement (see comment from Dr. M. Rohs to this post) . Please read the very interesting article from Dr. M. Rohs as well.]

My position: Informal learning is probably happening a lot. And I am sure it plays an important part in our lives. As a training professional, however, I am not so much interested in trying to formalize informal learning but rather let it happen and - maybe - facilitate it, if possible. But I think that the big bonus of informal learning is that it is informal. As soon as training professionals start structuring it, it becomes formal - and less exciting and less effective.

SOMESSO - Social Media Meet Up

May 21st, 2010 Martin Raske No comments

#csmm - the Twitter Hashtag for yesterday's Social Media Meet Up in Zürich at cinema Razzia, organized by SOMESSO and Signorellfilms.

The learnings I took home:

a) it is possible to build a bank from scratch, using Web 2.0 functionalities: The CEO, Matthias Kröner (@ficoba), know how to tell stories and he has to tell a very convincing one.

b) Riccardo Signorell (@signorellfilms) showed us the importance of telling strories - instead of selling products/ideas. He did this by showing many examples from all kind of different movies - from Hollywood blockbusters to Youtube perls.

Meeting in a Cinema that falls appart and talking about current and future developments in the way we interact and make business is a very cool combination. Makes you think twice.


June 15th, 2009 Martin Raske No comments

These days there's a big Twitter Conference going on in NYC. I can't be there, that's why I follow it on (great map-feature) and on @14conf

So far I don't read and hear a lot of content about twitter. But the many visitors of the conference tweet a lot about their trip to NYC and about the tweetups they plan for the pre-conference night. For the time being it rather supports what many are thinking of Twitter: A lot of irrelevant noise.