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Life Long Learning - in chunks of just a few minutes

October 3rd, 2010 Martin Raske

The latest trend, which seems to create a lot of interest, are so called "Learning Nuggets". This piece of learning/information or information/learning is no longer than 5 minutes and consists of either an interactive learning program or just a little motivating movie.

When we started to produce and use these Learning Nuggets, I was very sceptical. How can one learn something in the span of just 5 minutes? Take learning a language, for example. You can hardly learn a single word in just five minutes. But then I realized that the potential of short pieces of learning lay in the chance to reach people and raise their interest in potentially interesting topics. It's like a marketing campaign for learning, tailored for a time where time is scarce. If we can wrap one single grain of potentially interesting information into a motivating short piece of learning software, we might have a greater reach than if we produced hours of designed learning material on this specific subject. Todays learners are used to learning at their own pace. They are used to get the information they need. What they might be lacking is the overview of what's out there. Something that grabs their attention. Once they find something, that interests them, they are willing to spend more time on the subject - the dream of every teaching professional.

The reality proves the theory to be right. Since we had launched the Learning Nuggets, people like them and our records also show that they spend more time on the topics we propose.

Please refer also to the little interview I gave about this topic (in German) : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hhns0DRPI44

And I am proud to present: Management in a Nutshell - open for the public:


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