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Employability versus Job Security

Well, I am sure you will ask yourself:

a) why has he not written anything new for more than a year? Doesn't he know that blogs are only read if they produce a constant flow of information?

b) why does he even dare to think about the topic he is about to enter into?

I can assure you: I know that blogs should be fed regularly - and at the same time I think I do not have to follow common principles all the time. And the reason why I want to write about Employability versus Job Security is that I heard an senior HR Manager talk about it at a recent conference.

For many years of my managerial work-life I have always told my teams to not hope for job security any longer. I always was very transparent about my own view: Loyalty is a high value. I expect loyalty to the company for the duration of the contractual relationship. However, this relationship can come to an end - it is not a promise for a lifetime. Therefore it is crucial to always be conscious of one's employability: In case the relationship ends - voluntarily or unexpectedly -, you would want to be able to enter a new one. Therefore an investment in the development of your own skills should always also be an investment in your long-term employability. The paradoxon I have seen happening: When I encourage my teams to invest in their own employabilty, in order to be ready to do something else, once the day comes where the relationship with the current company ends, they tend to be even more loyal than before. They realize that the company cares for them - which increases their willingness to stay.

I am happy to see that his concept is now starting to get noticed and implemented in other companies as well. It is the right approach for today's workforce and for the future we are facing.

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